The tradition of the Christmas Shrimp

Welcome to the tradition of the Christmas Shrimp! Throughout the season, hide the shrimp in your Christmas tree for your family to find. They can look, but not touch the tree to find the Christmas Shrimp. The finder gets a special gift and hides it the following day!







Welcome to Break the Pattern. This tool kit will help you break people’s daily routines and bring them back into the present moment. Breaking patterns adds the unexpected back into your relationships and the unexpected makes people feel ALIVE. 

Learn how to:

-Become more memorable in your daily interactions
-Instantly develop deep connections with anyone
-Make your own coupons and VIP passes
-Pay for your meals with fake money
-Give people a free day off from work


-Big credit card
-Play money
-Definitely Legit cards
-Get Out of Work Free cards
-Backwards Business cards
-Pocket Potential Goal cards




Inspire your friends to accomplish their goals and dreams with Pocket Potential. This tutorial and tool is meant to be carried with you in order to both challenge and connect with your friends and even complete strangers. It is my favorite took for establishing deep and meaningful relationships.

*Each kit comes with a bundle of goal cards &online instructions.



The Backwards Business Card is a tool for being prepared to make lasting connections in a fun and memorable way. It solves the problem of people not having business cards on them, or when they run out of business cards. It also allows you to turn that situation into one that makes you look clever and prepared. These cards allow you to get people's contact info as well as key details about this person that you can use in a future conversation. This will help your relationship quickly develop and make your follow up much more meaningful. Put these in your wallet and you are ready to make a solid impression anytime!