All of us, no matter who we are, have an amazing opportunity every day to build up those we encounter.  

No matter where you find yourself, you are surrounded by people—people with whom you live and work with, or even those you only encounter in a brief interaction.  Each one of these interactions provides an opportunity to practice life-giving encouragement.  We can take ordinary interactions and ignite them with creativity and thoughtfulness. Jeff's vision is for everyone to begin to imaginatively love, surprise and celebrate the people they encounter. 

It’s possible to go through the motions in our role as parent, friend, coworker, employer or sibling without any thought to our normal interactions.  But what would it look like if we were innovative in our normal daily encounters?  What would change in our lives and our workplaces, families and communities if we were attentive to opportunities to inspire, encourage or love other people?  The truth is, it doesn’t require an exorbitant amount of effort to grab any moment of any day and make it exceptional.

In this interactive experience, Jeff will equip you with tools and techniques to create extraordinary moments for people in the everyday interactions of life. He believes that's often where the most impact can be made.

This experience is filled with incredible illusions, exciting stories, and will equip your audience with the tools and theory to create magic moments that will have a huge impact on their clients & co-workers.