Jeff has performed in over 300 cities in 22 countries and for the past 8 years he has created award winning magic illusions used by top magicians around the world. 

He is a Magician, Keynote Speaker and Co-Founder of The Magic Estate — a collaborative group of likeminded individuals who live under one roof and support each other in their creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Today, Jeff joins Jon Berghoff to share his unique methodology for developing a mindset that will allow you to imaginatively love, surprise and celebrate the people in your life.

Jeff performed at our Best Year Ever Blueprint last year, and blew everyone away — not only through the art of magic, but also with his unique ability to inspire a childlike sense of wonder and amazement with everyone in the room. His presence at the event was exceptional and this conversation is no different. 


  • Jeff’s 4-part process to creating magic moments that make people come alive!

  • How the magic moment mindset can help you improve every aspect of your life, and the lives of the people you care most about.

  • All about The Magic Estate — why does Jeff live with a mindreader, motivational speaker, illusionist, magician, inventor, dolphin trainer, lawyer/hypnotist, and comedian?

  • The value of mentorship and Jeff’s selfless approach to attracting and working with people you can learn the most from.

  • How to make every single relationship in your life better in 52 weeks.

  • Learn to elevate customer appreciation by finding opportunities in negative customer experiences.

  • And much more…

During today’s interview for the Front Row Factor Podcast, Jeff describes how he got his start as a magician and how it helped him break out of his shell. We dig deep on a number of powerful topics like breaking patterns to amplify your life, creating deeper, more intentional relationships, the importance of living in the present, and believing in the people around you.