Think of the last time you randomly told someone you missed them.

It’s not surprising if it’s been a while. Even though the world is more connected than ever through the Internet—especially social media—it’s also easier than ever to lose contact with people.

We get busy with work, family, and just everyday life that the people we don’t see every day tend to get pushed into our memories.

When they cross our mind, we might think, “I need to give him a call soon.” Then, we get busy again. We forget to reach out.

I’m talking about the people who have been separated from us by time or distance or lives that just don’t mesh the way they used to.

Like your best friend from high school who introduced you to the best concert venue in town. Or the aunt who lives three states away. Or the coworker you used to grab lunch with every Tuesday until you switched jobs.

The memories made with them are still vibrant enough to be evoked by something as simple as smelling salt water on the breeze or hearing the opening chords of an old song.

Those memories make them smile, too. So why not remind them? Right now.

Don’t let more time pass without reaching out to those people. I challenge you to text three people right now with a memory that makes them smile and lets them know you miss them.

Let me know how it went!