It’s possible to go through the motions in our role as parent, friend, coworker, employer or sibling without any thought to our normal interactions.  But what would it look like if we were innovative in our normal daily encounters?  What would change in our lives and our workplaces, families and communities if we were attentive to opportunities to inspire, encourage or love other people?  The truth is, it doesn’t require an exorbitant amount of effort to grab any moment of any day and make it exceptional.

In this interactive experience, Jeff will equip you with tools and techniques to create extraordinary moments for people in the everyday interactions of life. He believes that's often where the most impact can be made.

During Jeff's signature speech "Creating Magic Moments," he will entertain and amaze your audience, then reveal some of the best kept secrets of world renowned magicians and your audience how to apply it to their business, lifestyle and relationships to:

  • Make their daily interactions more memorable by Breaking the Pattern

  • Make their clients, co-workers and friendships feel alive and valued with the Magic Moment Mindset

  • Create unforgettable relationships, deeper connections, and exceed expectations with Conspiracy Theory & the Kicker Ending

  • Believe in people in a way that makes them believe in themselves

 Make YOUR next event unforgettable with the Creating Magic Moments Experience. 

Jeff tells the story of (Definitely Legit) at Leadercast 2017.